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Why Not You?

I have spent more minutes talking to Charter Spectrum in the last few months than I care to remember.  Apparently our internet is determined to make me not work every night and Charter continues to say there is nothing wrong.  As I spoke to the kind lady on the line tonight, I finally told her that I could not understand how this could be acceptable.  Her response; well, this is how it is with every internet provider.  Little did she know she would inspire me to blog, because this is what we hear over and over in our schools.  In education.  In our teaching.  “This is how it is..This is how we have always done…This is how it works.”

How often have those very words stopped our grand ideas?  How often have they stopped us from taking a risk?  From trying something new?  From being the first?  Or even from being the second?  How often has routine, tradition, and “just fine” ideas stopped us from doing something new?

Evolution happens when something changes.  It happens when someone takes a risk, even a small one, and tries something new.  Creativity is based upon risk taking, invention, and new ideas.  So if we say we want schools to be relevant.  If we say we want schools to work for all children.  If we say we want schools that will foster innovation and help students dare to be more, then why not you?  Why not let yourself be the one that tries something new?  That tries an idea that might not work?  Why not you and your ideas?  And why not now?

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3 thoughts on “Why Not You?”

  1. I completely agree with this! We want our students to be risk-takers but that is not encouraged in us at all. (And I hope you get things straightened out with your internet-that is frustrating.)

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