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Finding Our Voices Again

It has been six full school days.

Six days of remembering names and sometimes still getting it wrong.

Six days of questions. Of answers.  Of repeated directions and pointing to the right place.  Of saying yes more than no, of smiling wide to make sure they all see it.

It has been six days of feeling like everything is taking a long time.  Of not getting enough done. Of not having any assessments yet and feeling like already I am behind.

And yet…

In those six days, we have read our own books, perhaps even abandoned a few.

We have discussed why reading is trash or magic.

We have set goals that matter to us and fit our needs.

We have started our reading check ins as we figure each other out.

And we have talked.  A lot.

I have withstood the urge to have them write their answers and instead just talk it out.

I have withstood the need for silence and seen where the conversation will take us.

I have withstood my own imposed pressure of having them produce something in order for me to say; look I taught them something.

Every day instead of finding our pencils, we have instead found our voices and shared with each other.  We have pondered.  We have sighed.  We have even been shocked.

The writing will happen.  The assessment will too.  But for now, we are speaking up instead of writing down as we figure out how this learning community is going to work.  We are finding ourselves in the cacophony of thoughts and we are finding each other as well.

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5 thoughts on “Finding Our Voices Again”

  1. Oh how I could have written this myself! I have been feeling so behind and so slow but we are starting those conversations that really matter. We are building the foundations for relationship and learning. This is all a part of education and it is so important! Thank you for the reminder.

  2. Thanks, Pernille. I was just doubting my decisions about discussion versus writing answers in a 2nd grade classroom. I like how you put these thoughts together.

  3. Ms. Ripp,I am new to the Global read aloud this year.  I and my class am super excited!! What I have not yet been able to figure out is how to connect directly with another class from somewhere else in the world in order to write letters or send our pictures and other reflections on the books we’re reading.  We are a 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade class in Ohio.  We are reading the Mem Fox books. 

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