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30 Day Challenge For a Happier Teacher You

If you are like me, January brings excitement, positivity but also exhaustion.  This quiet month is one where I sometimes find my energy running low, my creativity running out, and rather than take the time to take care of myself I barrel on as if that will do the trick.  So this year, much like the years before, I am challenging myself to take better care of myself, as well as those around me. And so the 30-day challenge is back. A challenge meant to remind me of all the good. Challenge me to take better care of myself.  Challenge me to slow down.  Challenge me to focus more on meaningful interactions, rather than hurried conversations.  Feel free to join me if you want or create your own.

My challenge starts on Sunday, January 27th.  I cannot wait.  To see the challenge document, go here.

If you are wondering where I will be in the coming year or would like to have me speak, please see this page. If you like what you read here, consider reading my book, Passionate Readers – The Art of Reaching and Engaging Every Child.  This book focuses on the five keys we can implement into any reading community to strengthen student reading experiences, even within the 45 minute English block.  If you are looking for solutions and ideas for how to re-engage all of your students consider reading my very first book  Passionate Learners – How to Engage and Empower Your Students.    

7 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge For a Happier Teacher You”

  1. Dear Ms. Ripp, Sun., Jan. 20, 2019

    I love your writings. Please tell me Is your book: “Passionate Readers” suitable / relevant for my grand-daughter who has been teaching Kindergarten (x 5 years) in Ottawa Ontario, Canada? If so, I will be purchasing the book for her.

    Yours sincerely, David Malek, M.D. Ottawa, Ontario e-mail: as above

    1. While I am by no means an expert on the little ones as I have never taught them, I do think there are great ideas in the book that are applicable to all reading environments. Otherwise, I would gift her Kristi Mraz’s books.

  2. Many good ideas on this list with a focus on quieting the noise, taking a bit of refreshment, and looking for different ways to give than a teacher usually gives. Thanks for the inspiration!

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