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When Students Decide

Spicy popcorn, wigwams, tipis, corn bread, blueberry muffins, bow and arrow, Aztelan homes, sugared apricots, and many other things were all the results of the students taking control of the Native American research and project.  To say I am impressed doesn’t even cover the level of genuine excitement I have about what the students mastered today.

Coupled with these wonderful projects were the presentations that began today.  Students all have to present their research in some shape to their classmates, plus be able to answer questions and engage an audience.  We discussed what the difference is between listening and active listening and stopped when the students felt the audience was becoming unengaged.

From the moment we started this project, I knew this was a different way of learning and one that would either be wondrous or disastrous.  I should have trusted the students completely because they have once again blown me away with their commitment to their projects and their hard work.  This is definitely a form of project we will try again.  And don’t worry; pictures are coming soon!

2 thoughts on “When Students Decide”

  1. How exciting! That's exactly what I've discovered in my teaching. I love to give my students choices on what they focus on and how they present their learning. They also have input into the criteria and assessment sections. It is so wonderful to do our jobs when our students are so excited about learning! I look forward to seeing pictures!

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