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Oh Wow – An Adventure with my Livescribe

Recently, thanks to a wonderful member of my PLN (I won’t name him so he doesn’t get inundated with requests) I was mailed a LiveScribe pen.  I have wanted one of these little wonders for a long time thinking it would help me assess my students, keep a record of their progress and also let them hear my thoughts about their work.  Having 25 students in my room means I simply do not get as much time to sit down one-on-one with them to give them all of their needed feedback.  The Livescribe pen allows me to record my thoughts and then have them listen to it so we can start a dialogue.

Life has gotten in the way a bit, though, so I haven’t had enough time to really get to know the tool and thus had not used in a professional sense yet.  The opportunity finally came Monday where  I was involved in an integration day for one of my students with special needs.  This is where the genius
of this little pen shone brightly; during the meeting I was able to take notes and record the goal discussion that was happening in the room. I, of course, informed the meeting participants that I was recording and then we started to work.  I now have notes and a recording of what we discussed should be this student’s main goals accessible to me at any time.  Sheer brilliance.

The recording has already been shared with other members involved in the child’s education and I am planning on referring to it throughout the year as we try to keep him engaged and involved in the learning. One click of the button and now my memory can fault me all i want, I have it all right there.

PS:  In a way you can say this is a sponsored post since I was given the pen for free to try out, but the enthusiasm is genuine.  I am already excited about the other possibilities of using the pen; hello post-observation conference!

1 thought on “Oh Wow – An Adventure with my Livescribe”

  1. Wow! Great post – Just happened to see it first thing when I opened my Twitter today. I agree – there are so many ways to use audio in the classroom, as your post exemplifies. Even better, that you are sharing your experiences. A few of us our running a collaborative blog – that allows us to do what you just did – reflect on how we are effectively using the pen to teach and learn. Again, thanks so much for sharing.

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