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Need Some Ideas For Back to School? Win A Copy of My Book

I have done a giveaway at the beginning of summer for my first book and thought I should end this glorious summer with one as well.  So if you feel like you need some ideas for back to school.  If you feel like you know what you are doing but are ready to make some changes.  If you feel like there are things you want to do to give students more voice but not quite sure where to start, then here is the e-book for you.

My first book “Passionate Learners – Giving Our Classrooms Back to Our Students” has been helping new and veteran teachers this summer come up with ideas for change.  It has helped give some the push they needed to give the classroom back to students, or helped them with new ideas for what they were already doing.  I have been excited and humbled by the reviews on Goodreads from educators that are taking the time to read the book such as this one:

In a time when much of education is dictated by curriculum standards and mandated behavior management programs, Pernille offers a fresh perspective on what learning is like from the student perspective. From her asking the question, “would you like being a student in your own classroom?” to her ideas about grading and homework, she offers a vision of truly student-centered education. She does not offer a method or a step-by-step guide to changing one’s teaching. Instead, she empowers teachers to reflect on their experiences, on research, and on their current level of comfort with innovation. After this reflection, teachers are ready to use Pernille’s ideas as a springboard to transform their own classrooms into ones that are truly student-centered.

So what do you have to do to win?  Simple, leave a comment, please leave your email, and let me know what you would like to change this year.  I will only run this contest to Monday night, August 24th at 8 PM CST so that the winner has a chance to read the book soon.

And if you don’t win, consider reading the book anyway.  Wherever you are on your journey, I hope it helps move you forward.

This contest has closed – the winner was….Erin Petley – thank you so much everyone for entering!

61 thoughts on “Need Some Ideas For Back to School? Win A Copy of My Book”

  1. I’d like to see students in my district actively engaged in learning with the teachers facilitating rich discussions.

  2. Frank Korb
    Tw: @fjkorb
    Fb: /fjkorb
    Wednesday on Twitter, 8:00CT: #WHSoc20

    I would like to revamp my students rubrics so that they are very in tune with the national standards in the visual arts. I intend on being more specific to the standards and how well the students not only learn techniques and history of the visual arts, but also how what they do and learn ties into the greater of society and the world as well as how one artist can make social changes through their art. I also want to relax a bit… chill.

  3. I have been teaching for 23 years and in the past three years came to the realization the best lessons occur when they attach to the real- world. As a result I am eager to implement new strategies and approaches that will allow me to do so. I am also interested in using technology to connect with teachers and their students. I have been following your blog and can relate to many of your posts, as I am certain all of your followers would agree. I would love to read your new book and continue to grow as a teacher. So basically I am looking to change anything I find that will continue to motivate and engage my students and I am rather certain I will be able to find an endless list of strategies within your book.

    Susan Kosko

  4. I love following your tweets! I would enjoy reading your book! Recently, I was named the Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction. My new position gives me the opportunity to work with teachers, coaches, coordinators, administrators, and the Board of Education. Your book will support me and will challenge my thinking. I enjoyed “Who Owns the Learning” by Alan November. I believe that your book will provide me with inspiration and new ideas.

  5. Pernille, you have become one of my favorite follows. I so appreciate your transparency and humility. You know that good educators never stop growing. This year is my do-over. Going back after 5 years and just spent a week at the Teacher’s College, reminding me to give students the gift of reading. I will return more of a lead learner than teacher.

  6. We are fortunate to have a profession where change is always an option. Sometimes it is just a tweak, and other times the change can be quite radical. If it is done with deep reflection, not a knee-jerk, the change can be transformative and life-changing for all involved. After 20+ years in the classroom, I still constantly reflect on my methods, practices and philosophy-sometimes to obsession! I’d love the opportunity to add a passionate teacher’s perspective to my ever-changing thoughts! Please add my name in your draw! Have a great school year everyone!

  7. I would like to integrate more technology in the classroom. Specifically, we will be using iPads more often, hopefully doing Mystery Skype, and coming up with ways for my students to use the Promethean board as much as I do.

  8. Since I am teaching 6th grade for the time, I would like to build reading relationships with my students. Reading motivation seems to decrease at this age so I am making it my personal challenge to make a difference. I also want to increase my use of technology in the classroom. Since we are on similar paths, I can’t wait to read about your new teaching experience as the year goes on.

  9. I would love to help my PLC become a more cohesive, positive unit to help the students benefit from quality collaboration that results in awesome units!

  10. Our District is in quite a bit of turmoil with too many new initiatives for the teachers to keep up with. In the midst of this I have decided to give my room back to my kids and let them tell me what they want to learn and do in my room this year. I am lucky enough to keep my kids for two years as 4th and 5th graders so I feel a need to really prepare them for Middle School and all the changes ahead of them. I want them to love learning before they leave and get sucked into a world with less choices, a much bigger setting with 5-10 times as many students, and less time to get to know their teachers. My school is small and very family orientated so it is a jolt when they leave us. I want them to find their passion for learning before they leave my room and venture on. I want them to understand they can have a voice and to use it to learn and seek understanding for what they want to know. I need lots of assistance in making this happen as I “buck the system!” I have been teaching for 25 years and I am finding my passion again and want my kids to see that.

  11. Hi Pernille,
    I’m looking to have students take restorative justice circles to a deeper level, and take responsibility for the emotional health of the classroom this year.

  12. I want to provide more academic choice for my students this year especially in the area of math. I want them to “own” their learning.

  13. I was lucky enough to win a copy this summer and all I can say is “Wow!” Thank you My students are working on their brave posters and we are off to a great start. As always I appreciate your frankness and your insight. Thank you for taking me along on your journey.

  14. In the UK, education has become increasingly about targets and what we think the inspectors want to see. This year, I want to return to putting the children first by motivating them to love reading – my experience & the research I’ve seen shows that a desire to read impacts on their entire learning experience. I’d love to read your book – reading your blog has shown that I’m not alone in thinking a little differently!

  15. For the past 4 years, I’ve pretty much hated my job. I was being pulled in too many directions, trying to do all the programs mandated by the district (doing three different spelling programs is a bit much, right?), and not enjoying my students. This year I decided to do things my way and teach what and how I felt was best for my kids. I feel so free! However, it is scary and I can use all the encouragement and creative ideas I can get. I have had your book on my wish list for a while now and would LOVE to win a copy!

  16. This year I am setting up my classroom with a variety of places and spaces for kids to work in small groups, partners , or in quieter spaces like under a table or at a table tucked behind a bookshelf. I have a tall table for kids who like to stand and short tables for kids who want to sit on pillows. I have a large group meeting area for whole group instruction as well. I’m moving away from having a cluster of tables where everyone has a seat. I’m super excited. I hope my class approves!

  17. I am hungry for new ideas and I embrace change in the classroom. I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts and ideas, and I appreciate all that you do. I can’t wait to get started again this year and I would love to read your book.
    Thank you so much!

  18. This year I want to change how I empower students in the library. I want to explore how all these ideas apply to my role as a teacher-librarian and how it can dovetail with classroom empowerment.
    Thanks for being such an inspiration and sharing your knowledge and experiences.

  19. as a grandparent of 4 students, I plan to read this book and share it with the educators in my school district. I’m hopeful some inspiration for change might occur.

  20. I’m moving to first grade after 12 delightful years in 5th, so I can’t answer the change question until next year. My philosophy has always been to ignite fires rather than fill pails, so this will be a year of learning–letting my 5-6 year olds teach me how to meet their needs to enthusiastically and passionately learn about our world.

  21. I just recently started following you through your work with Global Read Aloud. I am an elementary librarian in a school where we are encouraging learning that is more authentic and student directed. We have had some success with genius hour and are always looking for new ways to motivate our students to inspire, create and share. And I promise to share the book with all the teachers in my building if i win 🙂

    PS check out the Global cardboard challenge/Caine’s arcade if you haven’t already for a cool project.Our school will be participating!!

  22. This year, with my first baby at home and a new building and new grade level at school, I want to be more balanced between my work and home life. Can’t wait to read your book!!!

  23. This is my first year teaching and I hope to be the best I can possibly be from the start. I want to change my students. I strive to make sure they are not the same at the end of the year as when they first walked into my classroom. I want them to be more curious, better learners, better problem solvers, better creators, so they can have a better future.

  24. This year I want to be more effective with my reading conferences to hopefully encourage my students to love books as much as I do.

  25. I would like to facilitate a classroom climate where the students are taking the reigns of their learning, and experiencing ownership of their growth. Thank you for opportunity to win your book!

  26. I’ve already started by leaving our classroom a blank slate. I’ve never been a “cutesy” teacher, but I finally found my own sense of self to truly leave my room plain and peaceful and let us create the decorations and resources as we go. So far – very successful – it’s both a place of calm and peace (even with 15 first grade boys) and full of wonders and excitement.

  27. After 15 years of teaching my techniques, thoughts and beliefs in education are always evolving. Your blog has offered many “aha moments” for me and I would love to read more of your thoughts.

  28. This year I would like to work on keeping better daily notes about students – the little commentaries that come up as I observe a lesson. That is going to become a part of our evaluations and I need to do this either way.

  29. I would love to win a copy of the book. I find myself agreeing with so many of your blog posts and I have been inspired by your thoughts and ideas.

  30. I am going to use Interactive Notebooks in Language Arts, Depth and Complexity Icons, and Literacy Stations…OMG! What am I doing to myself? Oh well, I love a challenge! I would really like to win your book!

  31. I want to connect with other classrooms in my PLN, through Twitter, Skype and blogs. My goal is to give students an authentic audience and further develop their inquiry skills. I will continue searching for global connection opportunities and help my students know they they matter.

  32. Your blog is such an inspiration and it’s a constant reminder to me to be courageous.

    I would like to improve how I teach writing by making it more workshop-like and for children to learn to how to give each other constructive feedback.

  33. I envision the learners I am blessed to have this year will no longer be focused on getting the answer, test taking tips, test taking strategies but rather focus their energies on becoming the best human beings they can possibly be.

  34. I have the book and I am half way through it and only putting it down because I have to get ready for the week. You are truly an inspiration Pernille! I am doing many new things this year and I am lucky to be working with a co-teacher that is excited about the things that I want to do in the classroom. She is also reading the book and we have read many others that have to do with the same idea of giving the classroom and learning back to the students. The most scariest thing I have to say is getting rid of grades. I can’t completely get rid of them but I am only doing the minimum of 4 product and 4 process per marking period…but I am still allowing the students to grade themselves. I am a still trying to figure it all out but I am taking one day at a time. I want to incorporate some long term projects that include choice for the students and I am still working on what that will be. We are a week into school and we are moving along.

  35. This will be my 16th year of teaching. I still love what I do for a living, and I’m ready for some fresh ideas!

  36. Hi. I would love to win a copy of your book. Reading your blogs helps to confirm that my beliefs are share by other educators. I appreciate your comments and want you to know that my thoughts match yours on a lot of subjects. I’m taking the behaviour chart out of my classroom this year. It wasn’t working for me anyway and you have given me the courage to do so. Thank you!

  37. As a new classroom teacher, I would like my classroom to revolve around these 4Cs, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking.

  38. I would like to reconsider the role of homework, what more beneficial options there are, and productive use of student time.
    Thankful for the sharing of ideas…

  39. I would like to find ways to reach the gifted as well as those who need the basics. There just never seem to be enough resources to pull this off well. I use outside/community volunteers but often still feel as though I am letting someone down. THanks!!

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