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Welcome to the Physical World “Passionate Learners”

It started with an email this morning and culminated with a package this afternoon.  Then this happened…


That is me holding my book “Passionate Learners – How to Engage and Empower Your Students” and the twins wondering why I am so excited.  Yup.  My book was officially released today as an actual book, not just an e-book.

It’s a 2nd edition because Routledge, my publisher, thought it deserved a larger audience.

It’s a 2nd edition because I wanted to rewrite it with a lens of both elementary and middle school, which I would not have thought would be such a huge difference, but it really is at times.

It is a 2nd edition because I added many more ideas and went into further details trying to make changing the way we teach and involving students in their own education into a doable process.

But most importantly, it is a 2nd edition because my incredible 7th graders had so much they wanted to say to the world about how we can be better teachers.  Their quotes are in every chapter, I was honored to give them a platform so they can change the world of education for the better.

To hold this book in my hands today, to have physical proof of my journey as an educator, to put it all out there in the hopes that someone else will not feel so alone in their journey toward change.  That matters.  To have hope that someone might read the book and be inspired.  That matters.  For someone to give me a way to amplify my voice, to help others, to become a better teacher myself. What a feeling that is.


PS:  While Amazon says right now that it will take 1-2 months to ship , this is not true.  Also I believe is on a special promotion through Kindle right now.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to the Physical World “Passionate Learners””

  1. A huge congratulations on this latest accomplishment Pernille. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book and feel very honoured to be working with you on the GRA this term.

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