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Will You Help Me With Research on Student Book Abandonment Habits

Book abandonment and its effect on love of reading has been on my mind for a long time it seems.  Chalk it up to the fact that I am writing a book that falls into the literacy realm, to the fact that I am abandoning books like crazy myself, or that my students reading habits seem to vary seemingly from day to day.  Whatever the cause, I cannot help but wonder; what leads a child to abandon a book?  And how does book abandonment shape their future reading identity?

So as I try to gain more insight from my own students, I also would love if other students would help out.  Would you be willing to have your students (or own children) take my short survey?  It should take less than 10 minutes if even and should be fairly easy for students to take.  I imagine they may need to be n 3rd grade or up due to the questions but you may be the judge of that. The answers will probably be used in some way in my future writing since I have a feeling it will offer us insight into the minds of students and how we can use the act of book abandonment as a way to fuel change in our reading instruction and student reading identity.

Thank you so much.  Please share with as many colleagues as possible, if you would, I am looking for answers from as many kids as possible. If you would prefer the link to the service, it is right here

12 thoughts on “Will You Help Me With Research on Student Book Abandonment Habits”

  1. Recently, I picked up a book entitled My Struggle by Karl Knausgaard.It came recommended. I was heading to sunny Florida and looked forward to reading this and a few other books by the pool. Knausgaard tells a story of his life in such minutiae that one wants to scream. I skipped pages with reckless abandon. Yet, I remembered thinking, wouldn’t I think this unacceptable from a student? Shouldn’t I read every word? I did finish the book, yet I had no desire to know the ending. It made me think of a student being asked to read a book that does not interest them. I did not abandon this book, but boy did I want to. Just sharing the experience.

  2. I am going to have my kids do it in computer lab on Wednesday. I’ve got a lot of book abandoners this year and I would love to hear the insights they give as to why they abandon books.!

    1. Thank you for the link! It is waiting on my LMS for students to complete it at some point tomorrow. I am eager to know what you learn. (I would be fascinated to know what my students say. Perhaps I will replicate some of your questions for my own survey…)

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