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My ITEC Ignite – The Least We Can Do

I swore after ISTE 2015 that I would never do another Ignite.  They are so hard to do.  They are personal.  Nerve-wracking.  Sometimes push me to almost throw up as my nerves get so messed up that I am not sure how I will even stand to do it.  And yet…I have seen powerful ignites.  I have seen what the power of five minutes can be.  I have seen the real impact that someone speaking for a mere five minutes can have on the children we teach.

So when I was asked by ITEC to do an Ignite, I was torn.  Say yes and spend hours tormenting myself, or graciously decline feeling like I have done enough.  I said yes.  I then was stumped.  What do you do an Ignite on when you already feel like you pour your heart out…

The answer came to me a morning when Facebook reminded me of just how far we have come.  Of just how lucky we are to have the life we live.  When a picture of Augustine, our youngest daughter born almost 10 weeks early, popped up in my feed I remembered just how terrifying it is to have a premature baby.  Just how much it changes you.  Just how much ut shapes your future life as an educator, whether you mean for it to happen or not.

So with Augustine in mind, but also the job I love so much, I present to you my ITEC Ignite.  I have published the script already but here it is live…Thank you so much to the Dads in Ed podcast for inviting me to do one.  Here is a link to see it 


// ytCropper

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