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Audience Needed – Silly Poetry Videos

Tomorrow my amazing 7th graders will start practicing their speaking skills through silly poetry performances.  In 7th grade we take speaking pretty seriously, after all, being able to  communicate well and with intent is something you will need to be successful in life.

While I give my students feedback, while they perform in front of each other, while they rate themselves, it just doesn’t add a lot of punch to their performances.  This is where you maybe come in.  Would your class or kids  like to be our audience and leave us some feedback?

It is really quite simple; sign up below by filling in the form and wait for an email from me next week.  You will be given a link to a class’ video and also a survey.  We will ask you to tell us how we did, how our eye contact was and whether we have things to work on.  That’s it.  The feedback you give will help my students grow as public speakers.

18 thoughts on “Audience Needed – Silly Poetry Videos”

  1. Hi Pernille
    I’m a primary school teacher and storyteller from New Zealand – I don’t have a class that could watch your presentations (working with special needs small groups) but would be happy to be an audience and leave feedback if that would be useful to you.

  2. Hi Pernille, My class would love to give your students feedback. It is great practice for them. We are 4th graders from Illinois. In fact, last year my students provided some feedback for some animal stories your students wrote.

  3. Hey Pernille. We know each other from the Twitterverse. This is @SOC54.

    It would be great to collaborate with someone I know on Twitter. This sounds very interesting and I think my students will connect. We have a “F101 Poets Café ” where they kids use poetry to practice and improve their reading fluency and intonations. I get to do their introductions which are always fun for me and hopefully the students too.

    Mr. Richards
    Room F101
    Twitter: @SOC54

  4. My 7th graders and I (in Michigan!) would like to help! If you can still use us, we are willing. We will be doing something similar with our poetry this winter, so watching and critiquing your students would benefit us as well.

  5. Hi Pernille,
    My class of 4th graders would love to give you feedback. It will be a learning experience for them as they will be doing presentations as well.

  6. We would love to be an audience for your 7th graders. We do a big poetry unit in the spring and my 2nd graders present at our Poetry Cafe. It would help my students, also, by hearing poetry read aloud. Thanks for this opportunity.

  7. Thanks for opening up your learning to the world. We would love to be a part of it and it’s also a great example of how we can share our learning. I teach highschoolers but all of them are brand-new to the country and many are refugees. We are excited about getting the videos! Thank you!!

  8. Three classes of 6th graders in Pontiac, Michigan watched the videos. This is the first time they have ever done something like this and took their job very seriously. I told them to be kind but to give constructive criticism. They enjoyed the task and would like your students to know they enjoyed their poems. Also, they think your students are very brave to let complete strangers evaluate their work.

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