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A Few Suggestions for Newer Inclusive Short Story Collections

One of the questions I am posed a lot is where others can find amazing short stories to use with their students and while I have a file folder that I keep myself, I am also thrilled that there are so many amazing newer collections that we can use to start conversations, as mentor texts, and just for overall inspiration.

We continue to want to emphasize the work of those whose voices have historically been minimized and so many of the short stories I use with kids are pulled from these collections. There are funny, sad, thought-provoking stories so my best advice is to dig in and start to read some of these great pieces, and then, of course, share them high and wide.

As many as I could fit in the picture – this post has a few extra titles that we also use.

While some of these are great for many ages, some of these only have certain stories suited for younger ages or are solely for older ages. So read the stories first before placing it in your library , which I would encourage you to do either way because many are amazing and not to be missed.

Which books are your go-to for great short stories? To see other favorite books, go here.

4 thoughts on “A Few Suggestions for Newer Inclusive Short Story Collections”

  1. I just wanted to recommend a collection of essays that are incredible mentor texts for expository writing of various kinds – “Breakfast on Mars”. Each one is written to answer a common academic prompt (i.e. compare two characters), but are done in unique and incredibly engaging ways.

  2. Thank you. Exactly what I was scouring the shelves for students. Black Enough is phenomenal, but I need more middle school level stories. Kwame Alexander can not write his novels fast enough. Verse novels work in many ways for me as short stories. Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds, All the Broken Pieces by Ann E. Burg, Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry.

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