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Creating Passionate Writers – Next Masterclass Kicks Off Tomorrow

Moving to America at the age of 18, gave me a whole new education. An education in privilege, in control, in power, and how to know your place. To pursue your dreams but only if others see you as worthy of that dream.

Becoming a teacher in the American public school system has been one of my greatest joys but also one of my biggest frustrations, my biggest moments of failure, of regret. The power handed those of us with teaching degrees is immeasurable; I can continue the systemic inequities of the structures we work within, or I can learn, listen, question, dismantle, disturb, and create an education that is truly for all kids. I didn’t know that when I started as an educator, my own privilege awarded me blinders and ear muffs. But 10 years ago I started to wake up, a little at a time, although not fast enough, and I recognized that how I used control as a way to ascertain my power in the classroom meant that not all kids could thrive, that not all kids were cared for. That my classroom might have said “Welcome” but those were shallow words. And it was echoed in the curriculum we did and how I helped students grow, how I used choice, how I used rewards and punishment.

And so I started to change the way I taught, the way I thought of education, of my own power within the classroom. I immersed myself in the expertise and wisdom of others who have been on this journey so much longer than I have, I started to ask my students questions I should have been asking from the start and I started writing this blog; sharing my thoughts out loud, inviting others on the journey as I stumbled through and tried to create an education that might work for all kids. A shared experience that would center on the identity of each child rather than the curriculum. It is the work I continue to do and will for a long time. I continue to stumble through on this journey, I continue to share on here, I continue to learn and grow from others while offering my own journey up and now I have been invited by CUE and Microsoft to share through their channels as well as a way to invite you into the journey.

And so I invite you into a conversation surrounding the writing we do in our classrooms with students and how we can use storytelling not just as a way to teach standards but to help students examine and find power within their own identity and story. To come along with me as I share the questions we discuss in our community, the writing we do, and also the resources I have learned from so perhaps you can learn from them as well. So if you have space in your life or a desire to go on this journey with me, please go here to register

The Masterclass will be three parts much like the other masterclass I have done this summer, you can join live or access the recording when it is posted here. I will also be finishing up Embedding Authentic Choice and Voice. part 3 this week, on Thursday at 11 AM PST.

Posting this today, I also know that not everyone is in a place for PD or perhaps that this is not the type of PD you want to immerse yourself in, this is okay. The world is rightfully continuing to need our attention and perhaps you are putting in your energy elsewhere or fully taking a break. I know I have been taking many breaks the last few weeks as I plan for actions in the fall and right now, but for those of you who want to learn with and from me, please know that there will be several offerings all the way through summer.

Live office hours will start up next week – my first drop in one is on the 22nd at 8 AM PST. This is a great opportunity for you to bring problems of practice and we can brainstorm together for an hour or so. If you participate in the Global Read Aloud, you can also use the office hours to brainstorm with me or just ask questions.

All of these sessions are free and the sessions are recorded (office hours are not) so even if you can’t or don’t want to be there live, you can access them later.

The schedule for the rest of the summer’s free PD from me looks like so:


  • 6/17 7 AM PST – Masterclass: Passionate Writers Pt1
  • 6/18 10:30 AM PST – Choice and Voice Pt 3
  • 6/24 7 AM PST – Masterclass: Passionate Writers Pt 2
  • 7/1 7AM PST – Masterclass: Passionate Writers Pt 3
  • 7/8 11 AM PST – Passionate Readers – stand-alone session
  • 7/15 11 AM PST – Masterclass: But They Still Hate Reading – Supporting and Developing Student Reading Identity Pt 1
  • 7/22 11 AM PST – Masterclass: But They Still Hate Reading – Supporting and Developing Student Reading Identity Pt 2
  • 7/29 11 AM PST – Masterclass: But They Still Hate Reading – Supporting and Developing Student Reading Identity Pt 3
  • 8/6 7 PM PST – Passionate Learners – stand alone session
  • 8/13 7 PM PST – Repeat Masterclass: Embedding Authentic Choice and Voice as we get ready for a new year Pt 1
  • 8/20 7 PM PST – Repeat Masterclass: Embedding Authentic Choice and Voice as we get ready for a new year Pt 2
  • 8/27 7 PM PST – Repeat Masterclass: Embedding Authentic Choice and Voice as we get ready for a new year Pt 3

Office hours:

  • 6/22 – 8 AM PST
  • 6/28 – 8 AM PST
  • 7/2 – 7 PM PST
  • 7/5 – 8 AM PST
  • 7/12 – 8 AM PST
  • 7/19 – 8 AM PST
  • 7/26 – 8 AM PST
  • 7/29 – 7 PM PST
  • 8/7 – 8 AM PST
  • 8/15 – 8 AM PST
  • 8/16 – 8 AM PST
  • 8/23 – 8 AM PST

I hope I can be of service through these sessions. I hope to see some of you there.

If you are wondering where I will be in the coming year or would like to have me speak, please see this page. I offer up workshops and presentations both live and virtually that are based on the work I do with my own students as we pursue engaging, personalized, and independent learning opportunities. I also write more about the design of my classroom and how to give control of their learning back to students in my first book, Passionate Learners.

18 thoughts on “Creating Passionate Writers – Next Masterclass Kicks Off Tomorrow”

  1. There doesn’t seem to be a registration link. Do I simply used the Microsoft Team app to join the session tomorrow at 7am EST? Or–is there an actual registration link, so you track who’s attending?

    Thanks so much, Martha Rombach

    Martha Seals Rombach Eighth Grade English Teacher River Bend Middle School

    [1497892532430_PastedImage] The real things haven’t changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; And have courage when things go wrong. – Laura Ingalls Wilder


    1. Hi Martha,
      I am not sure, I would say yes. When I click on the link posted it takes me into Teams and asks me to join. I will ask behind the scenes.

  2. Hi Pernille,

    Thank you for the inspiring Masterclass: Passionate Writers session on Wednesday. I find myself eagerly awaiting our second class next Wednesday. In planning for next year, I already am incorporating ideas I learned in the session.

    I am beyond excited to know that you are offering office hours. I am quite eager to meet with you on Monday, 6/22. As I read over your post, I realize I can’t find a link to a meeting. Is there one that I’m not seeing in the blog? Is the idea to contact you and ask for the link?

    Please let me know where to look for a link.

    With appreciation for all you are doing to support educators,


  3. Hi Pernille,

    I have some writing questions:
    1. Today in office hours you referenced a Writing Goals document you give students at the beginning of the year. Would you be willing to share it?
    2. I have been wondering about the idea of having students keep a blog in Seesaw for the year. What do you see as advantages/disadvantages of a blog (public) versus the writing notebooks (private) and can you think of a way students might actually do both?
    Thank you!

  4. Hello, from the start have been trying to register for your Compassionate Writers seminar but have not found the links. Is there anyway I can register and still watch these videos through the Global EdTech Academy? I so hope!!!!

    Thank you for your time and help!!

  5. Hi, Pernille! Sadly, I missed reading your original post announcing these masterclasses. I would really like to do Passionate Writers. In case you are holding that again, I would love to attend it. Meanwhile, I will register for some of the others as they sound so interesting too.

    1. Hi, the final session of Passionate Writers will be this Wednesday at 9 AM CST, the second session can be found in the recordings. There is no plan for repeating it right now but that may change.

  6. Hi Pernille,
    Thank you for much for all the work you are doing this summer to support the growth of us educators. The masterclass Building a Community of Passionate Writers was excellent. Your office hours have been a gift. I now am searching on the Global Ed Tech Academy site for the listing for your next session – Masterclass: But They Still Hate Reading – Supporting and Developing Student Reading Identity Pt 1. You identify it on this blog post, but it isn’t showing up on the Global Ed Tech site. Has it been cancelled? With appreciation, Lisa

  7. Hello,
    Is there anyway I can get the link to your mentor texts you discussed in your “Passionate Writers” presentation?

    Thank you for your time and help!!

  8. So sorry bother you again, but having a dickens of a time finding the blog with links from this amazing presentation and your partner interview, etc!! You are saying everything I believe and do not see in the program we are currently using. Very inflexible, texts not diverse enough……

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